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Serim Flavor to challenge the global market
through technological innovation




Analyze flavor ingredient being composed of flavor and utilize for product development and quality control.

Spray Dryer

Use liquid sample through the spray dry for fine pulverization.

High Speed Mixer

Equipment that is mixing and granulating raw material in food chemistry field etc. and mixing granulated substance for fine granulation and tablet(molding) by compression.

Vacuum condenser

Extract fragrance of natural raw material & active ingredient


Use liquid sample when distributing, emulsifying and homogenizing.

Texture Analyzer

Equipment that measures and analyzes a physical property of various products such as noodle, bread, dumpling, snack etc., using tensile and compression function.

Ultra Low-Temperature

Cooling of ice cream

Vacuum small dough-brake

Use to gain a dough property for noodle making.

Small noodle making machine

Use to make a property of target noodle.


Dry for the storage in room temperature when making noodle.

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