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Serim Flavor

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Serim Flavor to challenge the global market
through technological innovation

Development process

  • STEP01

    market survey

    If product concept is fixed, conduct consumer trend through the domestic and foreign market survey.

  • STEP02

    Idea product presen
    tation or new product development

    Present a new product developed by our company and help customer-portfolio or
    jointly participate in a new product development.

  • STEP03

    Development direction & schedule, product development

    If any development direction and schedule under the discussion with marketing and
    R&D institute of customer  are fixed, we develop product in compliance with a detail schedule.

  • STEP04

    Decision of compounding ratio & Manufactur
    ing of prototype

    Present customer a new product made with know-how and differentiated technology of our company.

  • STEP05

    Product decision

    The presented prototype is selected as product through
    quality evaluation of the customer.

  • STEP06

    Flavor decision and
    sharing of processing

    Share processing technology etc. necessary for the flavor product production to raise of degree of completion.

관련 사이트

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  • 한국식품산업협회
  • 한국식품정보원
  • 한국쌀가공식품협회
  • 한국농수산식품유통공사