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Serim Flavor to challenge the global market
through technological innovation

Company-affiliated R&D institute

We are leading a creative convergence technology for customized product and innovative
product development based on know-how and technology accumulated.

Flavor Research Team

We add a flavor-making technology that strengthens and complements flavor ingredient based on
natural raw material and develop and supply flavor and new product customer wants.

향료 관련 사진
  • 01

    Target flavor

  • 02

    Prototype development
    by customer request

  • 03

    Cost saving flavor
    development for

  • 04

    Newly categorized
    product development

New technology research team

After we secured a creative convergence technology for the development of innovative material which is
differentiated from the existing flavor, fragrance and food material, we supply customer with this.

신기술 관련 사진
  • 01

    Development of differentiation
    technology through a project
    the Small and Medium Business

  • 02

    Development of Only-One
    technology through the technical
    cooperation with customer

  • 03

    Promotion of new technology
    through Industry-academic
    cooperation project

Applied Research Team

By using Food Flavor and Fragrance to test and deliver the final finished product to the client company,
the development period is shortened.

향료 관련 사진

관련 사이트

  • 식품의약품안전처
  • 한국식품산업협회
  • 한국식품정보원
  • 한국쌀가공식품협회
  • 한국농수산식품유통공사